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Recent Testimonies

  • Freedom/Salvation


  • Replacing Opiates With Opiates? What?

    On numerous occasions I thought that I was going to get free from my addiction by weening myself down from the powerful euphoria of opiates. I remember going to the methadone clinic and thinking that this is a great way to deal with addiction, I can......

  • What Change Looks Like

    You’ve never met them face-to-face … Neal, Kristy and baby Caleb … But you’re such a huge part of their family that it’s probably time. Neal and Kristy met their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the ministry of Teen Challenge. And that’s not all …......

  • Addiction: Faith-Based Solution

    When I was younger, I never thought of church as more than a building where people would gather. I had friends who went to Catholic service and they were serious about it, but I never heard about who Jesus was. My entire life, I had......


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