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Pasco A. Manzo, 
Teen Challenge New England & New Jersey


Since Pasco’s introduction to Teen Challenge some 35 years ago, he has been passionately involved in its mission. His leadership as President brings many positive changes.

“Student First” has been applied as our motto! In last phase of the program, each resident may choose from four different tracks; college, career, ministry, or TC apprenticeship and everyone graduates with their GED. Our leaders are continually being developed through the annual Leadership Management Conference. Several of our facilities have been remodeled, making them aesthetically pleasing and more comfortable.

Pasco has also established our “End Addiction Campaign”. Through city billboards and promotional materials such as postcards, t-shirts and wristbands, Teen Challenge is on the front lines fighting addiction. The End Addiction teams bring our interactive, multimedia substance abuse prevention presentation which includes actual changed lives’ stories to schools, youth groups and/or community events.

Pasco’s studies have earned him a Master of Arts in Christian Ministries with a concentration in Culture and People distinguished with Summa cum Laude. He also received a Master’s of Divinity Equivalency from Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. He loves the classroom and has taught over twelve years as an adjunct professor. He authored two books: Urim and Thummim – Discovering the Will of God and Broken Flowers: A Commentary on the Tragedy of Sex Slavery in America and compiled Changed Lives Books One, Two and Three – Ten True Stories From Addiction to Freedom.

Pasco is also an appointed U.S. Missionary with the Assemblies of God. He has had the honor to minister for Jesus on every populated continent and has traveled to over 40 countries. He gives God ALL the glory for everything He has done.

To contact Pasco Manzo, contact Melissa Oliveira, President Assistant at moliveira@tcnewengland.org or 508-408-4378

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