Bloom — A Place for Girls

In the beautiful surroundings of Cape Cod, Bloom offers real help and hope to girls and their families. We know this is a difficult time for parents, and you want to find just the right place. Here is your opportunity for your daughter: Bloom!

Bloom — A Place for Girls is a 3–5 month Adult & Teen Challenge program dedicated to helping teen girls, ages 12–17, and their families through difficult times. We are unique to many of the boot camps, out-patient and wilderness programs that you may be looking into. We focus on getting to the root of the problem quickly and effectively so that families and relationships can once again be restored!

We do this in a warm and loving environment, strong in structure but full of grace, where teen girls can come to get help with their life controlling issues. We offer foundational Christian curriculum, Biblical Counseling and 24/7 care by compassionate women here to help them moment by moment. It may seem hopeless but it isn’t. You CAN get your daughter back.

It starts at Bloom.

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